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What can you do in isolation to stay sane and organised?

Updated: May 24, 2020

It's a strange time in the world at the moment. Many are fearful, anxious, scared and frozen in motion. I think we all experience these moments from time to time. This time can also provide so many opportunities to better ourselves, our home lives, our personal connections and so much more.

While we are at home isolating (otherwise known as being grounded by The Universe), What are some things you can do?

1. De-clutter! Marie Kondo's of the world are rejoicing at having the time to do a spring clean and de-clutter their homes of things that no longer bring them joy. Start small. 1 box, cupboard or room at a time. Finish what you start before moving on to the next. Perhaps even get ready to sell them online or hold a garage sale down the track.

2. Paper work and filing - have you got last years tax half done or bills piling up in the in tray that need filing. Allocate some time to get through it ASAP. You know how good that's going to feel when it's done.

3. Learn something new - Is there something you've been wanting to master but never made time for? I enrolled in the free 3 month guitar lessons Fender have dropped. I'm also learning Auslan and attempting some yoga moves from some online tutorials.

4. Write! Writing can be therapeutic on so many levels. Perhaps you just need to get ideas out, plan a a future event, journal your thoughts and feelings about what's happening in your world right now, start that best selling novel. Whatever it is, writing can help make sense of all of the thoughts that race around our brain all day.

5. Rest & connect - This seems like it would be the easiest thing but for so many of us that are always busy, this is becoming the hardest to cope with. I'm really struggling with this. I'm always doing something. I fill my days with work, hobbies, travel, socialising. Don't get me wrong, I love my Netflix days but not knowing when this will end is sending me a little crazy. This has made me crave human connection more and as a result, I have had so many phone and video calls in the last few weeks. I highly recommend picking up the phone even if it's the last thing you feel like doing.

I recently came across this on social media (source unknown) and I couldn't agree more.

We have an opportunity to come out of this situation on the path to being happier, better, more resilient human beings. If you don't find yourself on a similar path, it's because you lacked discipline and not time. What can you do?

On a final note, don't forget that we isolate ourselves so that when we get back together, no one is missing!

See you on the other side x

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