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Mobile Apps to help organise your day & life!

Updated: May 24, 2020

Technology can be your friend!

Today, I'll share with you some of the apps that make running my life and business a tad easier.

Google Drive - I love this app. It's a one stop shop to store all that you need on the go or in order to share with colleagues, staff or family. It's as simple as creating a folder, adding content and sharing via email. It's also a great back up to keep copies of all those precious photos and documents safe.

Google Calendar - Not only is this fabulous for scheduling meetings professionally, I also love that I can schedule events or reminders for the family. Need to remind someone they have a doctors appointment at 11am on Thursday? Perhaps they need a reminder that they have to pay that bill next Tuesday? Schedule, add a notification and pray for the best, right?!

Wallet/Stocard - Both of these are brilliant to store e-tickets, loyalty cards & more. I love when I'm off to a concert or sporting game, pull up the e-ticket, scan it & off I go. Same at the supermarket. Why no sir, I did not forget my rewards card. Here you go! I also love that my wallet is no longer full of cards. Win win!

ATO - Ok, I'm geeking out on this one. Receipts... I hate them. I lose them or leave them in the bottom of the bags all the time. I stumbled onto the ATO one a while back. The best part of this is being able to add a photo of my receipts and adding the details as a deduction for tax time. The app has loads of info for individuals and businesses also.

Gratitude - This isn't exactly an app about organisation but I feel like you need to know about it. Gratitude is an app that reminds you daily to log the things you are grateful for. Set a notification for any time of the day then reflect on what you are grateful for right now. Perhaps it's this blog post and all of my other fabulous ideas for helping organise your life! You can add photos and you can even download it all into PDF to keep. You're welcome! (p.s. it's the blue app with the cute little Buddha cartoon).

As a virtual assistant, I use these apps and more daily and find them incredibly helpful. I'd love to hear what some of your life changing apps are!

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